Gene Services
Pepmic strives to be the most competitive gene synthesis service provider in the industry! Genes up to 1,200 bp are normally synthesized in 2 weeks!
  • Free codon optimization upon request.
  • Free subcloning in one of our standard vectors.
  • As low as $90 for subcloning into expression vector of your choice.
  • Site directed mutagenesis service starting from $150.

Gene Synthesis Deliverables, Turnaround Time, and Pricing

  • 4 µg of lyophilized plasmid containing the sequence verified gene insert.
  • QC data includes: project QA report, complete construct map and sequence chromatogram.

List Price
<2 kb
2-3 weeks
2-3 kb
3-4 weeks
3-5 kb
4-5 weeks
Please Inquire
5-7 kb
5-7 weeks
Please Inquire
7+ kb
7+ weeks
Please Inquire

*All prices are applied to standard gene sequences only. Minimum charge $150/gene.