GMP Peptides
Pepmic proudly offers GMP grade peptides to our customers - from milligrams to kilograms. Our goal is to provide the highest quality GMP grade peptides available in a time frame that matches our customer’s requirements. GMP Peptides from Pepmic are produced under GMP conditions per GMP Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) guidelines. GMP peptide documentation includes: batch production records, in-process data, and a full certificate of analysis are available to the customer.

Certificate of Analysis for GMP Peptides


Amino acid analysis

Purity by HPLC/UPLC

Water content

Heavy metal by ICP-MS


Bioburden or microbial tests

Amino acid analysis

Residual organic solvent by GC

Peptide Content (nitrogen estimation)


Counter Ion Content (% TFA) by IC

Molecular Weight by MS