Large-Scale Peptide Synthesis
For the production of biological additives and health care/therapeutic products based on synthetic peptides, acquiring larger quantities of peptides (>1g) may be more practical. Using Pepmic’s exclusive FlexPeptide™ technology, we are now able to offer a large-scale peptide synthesis service with the highest success rate in the industry (over 95%). While it may seem simple at first, Large Scale Synthesis Service is more than an enlarging process of the standard peptide synthesis, and our experienced chemists will work to ensure our customers a quality experience from route design to product delivery.
When compared to the Standard Peptide Synthesis Service, the Large-Scale Synthesis service maintains all the original features, such as guaranteed high purity and high success rate in synthesis of extremely long peptides (up to 200 amino acids). Furthermore, preliminary costing, project review, R&D, process optimization, and detailed qualification reports will be used to ensure the successful and efficient delivery of your peptides.
Key Features
  • One-on-one managing of each project
  • Process optimization of synthetic route
  • Highly ensured purity at >95%

Comparison to Standard Synthesis Services

Standard Peptide Synthesis
Large Scale Peptide Production
Services Features
Up to 100 gram
Up to 1 kilogram
More than 100aa
More than 100aa
Freeze-Dried Peptide

Quality Certifications

R&D Reports

Production Reports

Parameter Qualification & Report

Special Offers
Regular Teleconference

Free Sample Preparation

Process Optimization

Customized Analysis Testing

Analytical Method Development

Cusomer-requested Package & Delivery

Defaulting Features
Customer Depending Features

Large-Scale Liquid (Solution) Phase Peptide Synthesis (LPPS)
LPPS is the technology of choice for manufacturing short peptides or structures that are inappropriate for a resin matrix. This approach ultimately provides a cost-effective process for large-scale manufacture of multi-kg.

Large-Scale Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS)
SPPS is the technology of choice for manufacturing most peptides in up to multi-10 kg quantities, especially those with longer, more complex sequences. Pepmic offer both Fmoc- and tBoc-based solid-phase manufacturing.

Large-Scale Hybrid Fragment Synthesis
This technology, which involves coupling shorter, SPPS generated sequences together in solution, is particularly suitable for some longer peptide structures, offering higher yields than straight-through SPPS.

Large-Scale Purification
Modern preparative high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) technology has greatly facilitated the bulk manufacture of high purity peptides, suitable for pharmaceutical applications. Thanks to the available technology, the latest equipment and high level expertise, we are capable of achieving the necessary purity of products at almost any scale, from milligrams to kilograms or more.

Purification is usually performed by liquid-phase chromatography, using

  • reverse-phase HPLC with columns up to 30 cm in diameter;
  • ion exhange chromatography with columns up to 1 meter in diameter;
  • size exclusion chromatography up to 1 meter in diameter.