Protein Services
Our protein services are designed to address the time-consuming and laborious production of functional proteins and to simplify the process of creating recombinant proteins when seeking solutions for high throughput screening, functional validation, and structural biology studies.

While researchers possess a variety of alternatives for the expression of a target protein, challenges concerning protein solubility and functionality still remain. Among these challenges are different promoter strengths, diverse expression hosts, constructs, and culture conditions, all of which play an important role in protein solubility. These factors pose pressure on researchers faced with the task of producing large numbers of diverse proteins.

Our services advance your project from gene synthesis to protein expression, refolding, purification, and stable cell line generation. In addition to a wide range of choices in multiple protein expression systems, Pepmic offers a flexible production scale with a full range of purification options.
E. Coli System
The most common cloning strains, Low cost, fast turnaround and high successful rate
Yeast System
Stably expressing proteins what you need, Validating protein-protein interactions
Insect System
Producing soluble, active proteins Providing high throughput expression screening
Mammalian System
Optimized for high yield of protein expression, fast and convenient analysis of protein-protein interaction
Catalog Protein
Hundreds of catalog proteins
Large Scale Production
With versatile and reliable protein expression platforms, including fermenters, wave mixers and bioreactors
Protein Characterization
The most common methods assessing the purity, dispersity, and stability of your protein samples
Protein Refolding
Providing appropriate refolding methods for making protein refolded successfully
Protein Purification
Various purifying methods, for instance, Affinity Chromatography, Ion Exchange Chromatography, Gel filtration