Protein Expression
Express custom recombinant proteins are based on most commonly used protein expression systems, including bacteria, yeast, baculovirus infected insect cells, and mammalian cells. The unique codon optimization process can significantly increase target protein expression level especially in E. coli. A variety of protein purification methods can be selected to achieve protein purity suitable for customer defined downstream applications. We also offer a complete solution for your target protein of interest, from gene synthesis, protein expression/purification screening, scale up production, process development to downstream protein analysis and characterization services. We also offer catalog products for protein functional analysis.

Each protein or protein variant has its own characteristics, making every protein project an exploratory experience.  For over 500 protein projects with a success rate >75%, our skilled service scientists with over 10 years experiences on protein expression and purification are prepared to guide you through each project, straightforward or complex, to help reach your goal. Just call or email us for any protein research related questions, our experienced scientists will serve as your technical consultant and extended lab members, at no additional cost, to provide the best knowledge possible at any stage of your project. We are also readily available to provide professional support and help identify the right resources for your research.


  • Comprehensive expression and purification platform
  • Flexible scales and customized process development
  • Complete solutions from gene to protein to functional analysis
  • Free technical consultation and experimental designing
E. Coli System
The most common cloning strains. Low cost, fast turnaround and high successful rate
Yeast System
Stably expressing proteins what you need. Validating protein-protein interactions
Insect System
Producing soluble, active proteins. Providing high throughput expression screening
Mammalian System
Optimized for high yield of protein expression. Fast and convenient analysis of protein-protein interaction