Large Scale Antibody Production
Pepmic offers large scale monoclonal antibody production and purification services, from a few miligrams to a few grams - customer has the choice to do a test run before a large scale manufacturing. Ship us with live or frozen cells and we take care of the rest. Start merely from $500 for 2mg scale, we are confident that our service will save your time, budget and meet your expectation. Take advantage of our competitive prices and fast turnaround time today. Contact us for more details about our large scale antibody production service.

Affinity Purification

You may choose one of the two available options below:

  • large scale antibody production from ascites
  • large scale antibody production in vitro via cell culture
In general, antibody production from ascites is popular and cost effective. Monoclonal antibodies can be produced in bulk by growing hybridoma cells within the peritoneal cavity of a mouse. When injected into a mouse, the hybridoma cells multiply and produce ascites, which contains a high concentration of antibody which can be harvested. This usually provides higher antibody yields than hybridoma cell culture, depending on how fast the cells form ascites (is it a high producer or low producer?). We will then collect ascites and affinity-purify the antibody for delivery.

In your quote request, please indicate the amount of antibody you need; culture medium if requires production in media; antibody subtype like IgG or Ig M; antigen name so that we can do a proper quote and QC while in production.You can ship the cells at room temperature in a T25 flask full of medium without any air bubbles, then seal tightly the cap with paraffin tape.