A truncation library allows researchers to determine the minimum length required for epitope activity. The library is generated through a systematic truncation of the peptide's sequence from each terminus. After the key residues have been identified via Alanine Scanning Library studies, truncation libraries can be used to determine the role of the sequences surrounding key residues.

In many cases, truncation library screening allows for the identification of peptides with enhanced proteolytic stability. It can serve as a tool to investigate the extent to which peptide drugs undergo metabolic degradation, which is a major consideration in bringing drugs to the market.

Special Instructions
Please input your protein or peptide sequence in one-letter below as well as the number of residues you wish to remove per truncation step from the N- and C-Terminus respectively. A value of 1 will remove a single amino acid at a time. A value of 0 at either termini will fix that end of the sequence.

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